Additional README update... round 2
Additional README update
Added tag 5.0.0 for changeset 5300e70e4b9f
Adding contributing docs to the README
Added tag 5.0.0 for changeset 3753dd259e58
Updating RST doc
Updating for Sendy 5.0 support
Updating for 4.0.9 support
Removing BB links in setup
Updated for Sendy 4.0.5. Removes Python 2 support.
Fixing version number
Updating code to be compatiable with Sendy v4.0.4
Updated to include Python 3.6
Bump version, update badge url and show Py2 support
pep8ify some things
Use single quotes instead of double quotes
Remove debug prints
Add optional params into subscribe action and Python3 fixes