Updating repo for move to Git
Add session token renewal for email magic link login
Adding session token renewal when logging in
Adding contextDeadlineExceeded check to WithTx
Removing outdated comments
Working on adding support for session expire and configuration
Moving validation to BlacklistValidator type
Add blacklist for email domains and usernames
Session scs version bump
More work to test Safari session cookie bug
Adding custom session LoadAndSave middleware
Using more secure random seeding
Go version req bump
Adding FileBuffer type
When a query fails because the context has been canceled, pq will
return "driver: bad connection" from tx.Rollback. Do not panic in
this case. See https://github.com/lib/pq/issues/1137

Taken from this sourcehut patch submission:

Don't panic when a user isn't in context
Make autocert.Manager a pointer because of sync.Mutex being copied
Let's not hold up shutdown for the queue timeout if it's not necessary
Adding timeout option for queue termination so we don't end up waiting forever.