Added tag 0.3 for changeset d35181d23d3e
Removing use of request.REQUEST. Deprecated since Django 1.7
README typo fix
Merging in changes
Added tag 0.2 for changeset 9ba3d973dd6a
b3c2a4fa3c70 — Gustavo Andres Morero 3 years ago
updating urls for Django 1.10 support.
Updated for coming BitBucket IP network changes.
Added tag 0.1 for changeset c2767105d5ce
Added tag 0.1 for changeset 0175e86c6a01
Updated initial migration for help text changes. Silly Django migrations...
Ready for initial beta release I believe...
Updating setup.
Fixing up models, errors found in testing, etc.
Adding access_key support for request authentication.
Lots of work. Management commands all work well.
9326c27dce3c — Gustavo Andres Morero 5 years ago
solving syntax error.
Added a ton.. haven't even tested. Needs work for sure.