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This is the public repo for all the Netlandish policy documents. Please feel free to submit changes, corrections, suggestions, etc.

Also, a huge thank you to Basecamp for providing these policies with open licenses. This allowed us to rework our policies to be more fair, plain, and easier to understand.

#Contact Details

Some contact pages or email address may be wrong or have typos or whatever. Please if anything ever fails you can always use hello@<> to reach us. Here are the individual ones:


We accept patches submitted via hg email which is the patchbomb extension included with Mercurial.

The mailing list where you submit your patches is ~netlandish/ You can also view the archives on the web here:

To quickly setup your clone of policies to submit to the mailing list just edit your .hg/hgrc file and add the following:

to = ~netlandish/

flagtemplate = "policies"

git = 1

We have more information on the topic here:

#Copying License

Netlandish policies are open source, licensed under CC BY 4.0. Adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0.