Added check for 'no repo' and cleared the output if true.
22dfaefdf6ee — Durham Goode 7 years ago
sparse: add missing return statements

A few spots were not returning the original value. This was probably fine since
they didn't have return values anyway, but it's unclean not to return anyway.
076fda162fa3 — Will Lentz 7 years ago
add ability to set sparse config during clone
9b0c76d4b8a9 — Ryan McElroy 7 years ago
chistedit: appease check-code
58fe4f23bb6e — Steve Fink 7 years ago
chistedit: allow running histedit with c or C, to better match crecord
37127b1ed777 — Steve Fink 7 years ago
chistedit: show direction of fold and roll with caret
0fffe289b316 — Steve Fink 7 years ago
chistedit: expand help text
7ce96cab0b8d — Steve Fink 7 years ago
chistedit: allow reordering changes without selecting
8bf61a5a1fc6 — Kyle Lippincott 7 years ago
tweakdefaults: support pull --rebase -d <dest> without remotenames
329573f3fc60 — Ryan McElroy 7 years ago
copytrace: skip tests if is not present

Test Plan: test-copytrace.t test-copytrace-bundle2.t test-filldb.t

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, ttung

Reviewed By: ttung

Differential Revision:

Tasks: 9944051

Signature: t1:2903427:1454630393:5fda38cf9c6c981304cdc249e4f15cfd78f88497
3e2223a544db — Tony Tung 7 years ago
[pushrebase] change the pushrebase tests to use the PYTHONPATH setup

Summary: Just a bit cleaner.  Also this makes it so pushrebase can source any hypothetically shared code.  Mostly because I'm too lazy to type bundle2hooks=PATH_OF_FILE.

Test Plan: same unit tests pass.

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, durham

Reviewed By: durham

Subscribers: durham, mitrandir

Differential Revision:

Signature: t1:2903928:1454648999:81f6cc64f708dc4709640b2a214e1b3dbc11caa5
5255f7d1a07a — Tony Tung 7 years ago
fix some check-code violations

1) Export and variable setting on separate lines.
2) 80-col.

Test Plan: python ../../hg-crew/tests/ --with-hg ../../hg-crew/hg test-manifestdiskcache.t test-check-code.t

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, rmcelroy

Reviewed By: rmcelroy

Subscribers: rmcelroy, ikostia, mitrandir

Differential Revision:

Signature: t1:2903291:1454630884:b51a536e05c59a84e3ac1d1bc91e5e1952edee6f
2ccf6a561750 — Tony Tung 7 years ago
[bundle2hooks] allow hook arguments to be stored on the operation object

Some bundle2 handlers (such as pushvars) run prior to the acquisition of the lock.  In order to have those handlers be able to set hook variables, we have to save the hook variables onto the bundle object, rather than the transaction object.

Once the transaction is retrieved, we drain all the hook arguments into the transaction.  Further attempts to call `addhookargs will cause an abort.

An alternative to aborting is to save the transaction, and pass further arguments to the transaction.  I believe this is an inferior choice because it is masking a bug.

Test Plan: run ./verify_reviewedby_info.t in opsfiles with D2880506 patched in.  passed.

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, durham

Reviewed By: durham

Subscribers: durham, mitrandir

Differential Revision:

Signature: t1:2898401:1454615031:94933cf513eaa06c5b60686ec5d65a563ddc31c4
a8805edec646 — Durham Goode 7 years ago
pushrebase: fix changegroup format picking to account for new upstream api

Upstream has changed _packermap to be hidden behind supportedversions(). We need
to use that, otherwise we'll potentially reply with the wrong changegroup type.

Test Plan: Ran the tests

Reviewers: mitrandir

Differential Revision:
d42bf856ee09 — Martijn Pieters 7 years ago
Make fbamend responsible for supporting automv.

This facilitates moving automv out of this repository to Mercurial proper.
Use extensions.afterloaded() to avoid relying on module load order.

Test Plan: Run the test suite with ../../hg/tests/

Reviewers: rmcelroy, durham

Differential Revision:
7d22fc236798 — Tony Tung 7 years ago
extract replaceclass out of manifestdiskcache

Summary: It's an useful function.  Plan to use it in another extension.

Test Plan: python ../../hg-crew/tests/ --with-hg ../../hg-crew/hg test-manifestdiskcache.t

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, lcharignon

Reviewed By: lcharignon

Subscribers: lcharignon, mitrandir

Differential Revision:

Signature: t1:2896753:1454542605:c660ee3e108b497c4a823bd732f98ebf5e147e02
b5154d03849c — Durham Goode 7 years ago
dirsync: move mirroredfiles declaration out of if statement

If this if statement was skipped (because there was no mapping configured) this
function threw an exception because mirroredfiles was not defined.
2cbfa815db44 — Mateusz Kwapich 7 years ago
catnotate: add the extension to

I've written it sometime ago and it's not being shipped yet because I forgot to
add it to

Test Plan: no plan

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, durham, ttung, rmcelroy

Reviewed By: rmcelroy

Differential Revision:

Signature: t1:2887171:1454413837:4a57fc8bccfe840c5540e0db59881af2bea21e45
0c122b668079 — Kostia Balytskyi 7 years ago
smartlog: warn user when there is no master commit locally

Differential Revision:
6dd477f76ca3 — Laurent Charignon 7 years ago
gitlikebookmark: remove test and extension

This feature does not work well with inhibit, since we didn't ship it
let's remove it as the test is noisy.

Test Plan: N/A

Reviewers: #sourcecontrol, durham, ttung

Differential Revision: