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#My Workstation Config

This config is obviously forever under construction but I finally have my setup to a place where I feel comfortable working day to day.

Quick background: I haven't run a Linux workstation in about 15 years. So coming back and toying with all the config options has been fun. However, I'm sure there are much better ways to do some of the things I'm doing. Please don't be shy with the tips and pointers :)


I believe I've included all relevant config files, scripts and images to mirror my setup. However, there are a few things you should know.

  • I run i3-gaps w/ i3blocks and i3lock-color.
  • I have my own version of suckless terminal (st) with just a few patches applied. You can see my copy here
  • The OS is currently Ubuntu 20.04, though this shouldn't matter.
  • See .config/ for a list of applications that I built manually
  • Specifically i3-gaps and i3lock-color. Things will not work without these
  • I put the 2 relevant wallpapers in the Pictures/wallpapers folder. You'll need to run betterlockscreen -u /path/to/your/wallpapers/twilight_zone_spiral.png to configure the lock screen with the image.
  • The betterlockscreen script is just a slightly edited version of the script provided here. All my version does is turn off the screens after 5 seconds of no input. Just my preference, if you don't want that, then use the original script.