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#My Workstation Config

This config is obviously forever under construction but I finally have my setup to a place where I feel comfortable working day to day.


I believe I've included all relevant config files, scripts and images to mirror my setup. However, there are a few things you should know.

  • I run i3-gaps w/ i3blocks and i3lock-color.
  • I have my own version of suckless terminal (st) with just a few patches applied. You can see my copy here
  • The OS is currently Alpine Linux 3.18, though this shouldn't matter.
  • See .config/ for a list of applications that I built manually
  • Specifically i3-gaps and i3lock-color. Things will not work without these
  • I put the 2 relevant wallpapers in the Pictures/wallpapers folder. You'll need to run betterlockscreen -u /path/to/your/wallpapers/twilight_zone_spiral.png to configure the lock screen with the image.
  • The betterlockscreen script is just a slightly edited version of the script provided here. All my version does is turn off the screens after 5 seconds of no input. Just my preference, if you don't want that, then use the original script.