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#Python Trello API Wrapper

This Python API is simply a wrapper around the Trello REST API. It uses the API documentation to autogenerate the Python API.

This repository contains the latest generated version of the Python API (in the trello directory), along with the necessary files to regenerate the API.

#Getting Started

To use the Python API, first install it from PyPI using pip:

pip install trello

or from source:

python install

Once you have it installed, get an app key from It will be a 32-digit hex string. Now you can start using the API

>>> from trello import TrelloApi
>>> trello = TrelloApi(TRELLO_APP_KEY)
>>> trello.boards.get('4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c')
    "closed": false, 
    "desc": "Trello board used by the Trello team to track work on Trello.  How meta!\n\nThe development of the Trello API is being tracked at\n\nThe development of Trello Mobile applications is being tracked at", 
    "id": "4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000c", 
    "idOrganization": "4e1452614e4b8698470000e0", 
    "name": "Trello Development", 
    "pinned": true, 
    "prefs": {
        "comments": "public", 
        "invitations": "members", 
        "permissionLevel": "public", 
        "voting": "public"
    "url": ""

Because the Trello development board is public, we didn't need a user's token, but if we want to access private boards, we'll have to have one. We can get it by calling:

>>> trello.get_token_url('My App', expires='30days', write_access=True)

If you send your user to the resulting URL, it will ask them to allow your app access to their account, and then it will give them a token (64-digit hex string) that they will pass back to your app.

>>> trello.set_token(user_token)

(Note: Trello does support OAuth, but the Python API does not have any support for it yet.)

Once you have set the user's token, all calls to the API will include that token, as if the user was logged in.